Great technology is no different from magic. We combine science, art and technology to bring a miracle back to our lives. Being present means having more space for development and more attention to see the magic in everyday life. We need technologies that make our lives better, so we don't have to do anything about it. We are working on it.

Welcome to the future.

We know that only people united by one thing and one dream can create ingeniously simple things that change the world. Whose dream helps us to become better, improve and create a great product.

We create for people.


We work together, hard, dedicated, with love, drive, passion and curiosity. Therefore, the result of our hard work encourages us to reach new heights over and over again.





As fanatics related in spirit , we combine creativity with skill, talent with experience, and fresh ideas with expertise.


Implemented projects


How to create a truly effective website,which will be liked by the clients and their visitors, is the first question that’s asked by our team as they begin work on a future project, whether it's landing or large marketplace.

Therefore, we approach the development creatively and with great relevance, analyzing all possible options and methods.


  • We help to develop businesses, using the complex of modern and effective decisions, the tools of web development and Internet marketing.
  • By implementing modern Internet technologies, we help Clients to achieve their goals and solve problems effectively, striving to do it better than competitors, and offering optimal effective solutions, taking into account the interests of each Client, with sincere care and maximum attention.
  • "EQUINOX" - the professional creation of sites, site promotion and optimization, technical and informational support, and maintenance of sites. By implementing modern Internet technologies, we create Internet decisions for our customers and make the learning of the Internet simple and effective.

By developing Internet technologies, creating and implementing professional tools, we help Clients to achieve their goals and solve problems effectively.



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