Comprehensive site audit

The complex site audit is a comprehensive study of the website, aimed at improving its characteristics for search engines and users. Conducting such kind of an audit makes it possible to identify the reasons that prevent the site to go in the top search engines and eliminate them.

Why do you need a comprehensive site audit?

to analyze all parameters of the site, display statistics

to identify the causes of errors and shortcomings

to identify the risks to the project in case of untimely elimination of errors

to get some tips to fix the shortcomings found

to Read recommendations for improving all site settings

to predict the development of the site in case of elimination of existing errors

to fix errors found and achieve top positions by increasing conversions and sales

A full site audit includes an analysis of areas such as:

  • technical;
  • usability;
  • analysis of competitors' sites;
  • reference analysis;
  • text optimization
  • What is included in a comprehensive audit

      Technical audit of the site

      Conducting a technical audit, which must be included in the complex SEO audit of the site, employees of our company find and eliminate duplicate pages, broken links, check the validity of the code. The quality of the site display through different browsers and download speed is also checked. The correctness of writing and relevance of robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are determined. Meta tags title, h1, description are analyzed.

      Also in the technical audit are looked for the site mirrors. Experts collect statistics on site indexing, check the availability of filters on the pages, registration in directories.

      Comparison with competitors

      It will allow you to determine, which companies work in the same direction as you and which are market leaders, to understand what niche your site currently occupies.

      Representatives of our company who perform a full site audit:

    • identify the nearest competitors;
    • analyze the work of leading organizations, find out their competitive advantages;
    • find out the strengths and weaknesses of marketing strategists of competing companies, provide information about the methods used that can be applied in practice;
    • determine on which advertising platforms competitors place data about their products and services, etc.

    • The site Audit

      When a link audit, which is part of a complex SEO audit of the site, is conducted and text optimization is checked, it finds out how unique and relevant content is. Spam is eliminated and tips on, how to improve the content that fills the site, are given. Specialists calculate the amount of external links, give recommendations for increasing this figure.


      Comprehensive site audit includes usability analysis, which allows you to identify problems that users have when working with the site.

      Representatives of our company will:

    • will find the reason for the highest failure rates;
    • analyze the supply of content that sells;
    • will be a statistical analysis of user activity;
    • review the click map, work out the structure of information provision;
    • evaluate the design of the website in terms of the call to sale;
    • analyze the functional indicators of the site;
    • will appreciate section navigation.

    • Competent audit will help to increase the efficiency of the site.


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