Mobile application

Increase market share, improve service, increase loyalty and sales, reduce costs by automating and optimizing business processes with mobile applications and web services

Why is software development in our studio so reliable?

We fix the cost. The rates of our specialists do not change while working on the project

We guarantee the delivery of the product to users. Your program will be available for installation, it can be found and downloaded - we will provide it

We work with different technologies. We have alternatives to implement the functions of the system, it reduces the risk of stopping the project

Why do customers choose mobile development with EQUINOX?

  • The team has extensive experience in creating mobile applications for over 5 years
  • Clear process from concept to release in the app store
  • More than 1 million installations of our programs.
  • We are a Ukrainian company of the development of web and mobile applications
  • Flexible development system
  • 100+ successful corporate projects.
  • What does a mobile application give to business and which tasks can it solve?

      Increase sales and customer’s loyalty

      You are in touch with the buyer 24/7. Your customers are always aware of your promotions, discounts and bonuses thanks to push notifications. You can manage special loyalty programs for authorized users with personalized offers, which allow you to encourage repeated purchases and increase the average check.

      Business Process Automation and Employee Management

      Automation of work and control of field employees: installers, surveyors, couriers, service engineers and others. Set up the ability to conduct surveys and customer surveys. Accelerate and enable customers to generate customer requests themselves, or enable your employees who report on purchases to place orders with suppliers without being tied to an office or personal computer.

      Ability to analyze the audience

      Thanks to the integration of mobile applications with services (Google Firebase, Appsee, Yandex.Metrics) to collect statistics of user behavior, you can track the sources of mobile application settings, keep statistics of internal purchases, study user’s conversions on screen forms and calculate frequency of functionality. / p>

      Cost Reduction

      Automate and "speed up" business processes, which reduces downtime and labor costs. Introduction of personal offices of the client / employee, which increases the level of self-service. Implement self-formation of a basket by clients or formation of various applications by internal employees of the company: for certificates from the place of work, on vacation, etc., which will allow you to give up some staff units or reduce the amount of rented space.


      It is hard to imagine that we leave home without a phone and most often we interact with our smartphone in 90% of cases on the road. Accordingly, the business that will first move from traditional advertising tools (television, radio, banners, SMS) to interact with the customer through the most accessible and convenient channel - a smartphone, he will be the market leader.

      How do we create applications for iOS and Android

      Gathering of information and analytics
      Writing a technical task
      Prototyping the program
      Developing UX / UI interface design
      Mobile application development
      Product testing
      Publication in Apple Store and Play Market and Appgallery
      Guarantee on the works done


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        En remplissant le formulaire, vous faites le premier pas vers le projet fini...