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Our team uses all methods and opportunities to achieve the best results.

Scrum methodology project management allows us to meet deadlines and provides quality results for our clients.

Our team is not standing still. We regularly improve our skills. You can't get high results without them.

Strong communication with the client and a clear understanding of the requirements allow us to get the perfect result.

Expertise of our company

We develop software and help to build effective businesses, using digital technologies.


  • Creating the right system
  • Experienced analysts can reduce the time to create a technical task, not to miss any details and correctly formulate tasks for developer correctly.
  • Provide the transparency of development
  • Weekly meetings are held to discuss the results of our work and set new goals. Based on the specifics of the project, a further development model is discussed, the impact of which ensures predictability of deadlines and budget. At the end of each stage, you get a ready-to-use solution with an added set of features.
  • Data Security
  • The development of goods is carried out taking into account the requirements in the field of personal data protection. For each project, we sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Further product development
  • Technical support by our company's specialists allows supporting and implementing the additional functionality in the product under development. All rights of the source code remain with the customer, which allows refining the product in the future, according to the new business needs.


    The first step to create a useful enterprise software solution is to articulate the task or problem you face as a "business." Usually these tasks are associated with an inefficient process. The main thing is to determine the stages of the current process, and then determine what a more effective solution may look like. Then our software development team will work with you to determine, how technology can be used to extend, simplify or facilitate this process.

    As part of our work, we develop a detailed software requirements document (SRD), which is the basis and roadmap for your development project.

    Special software to facilitate the system integration

    Some of the most common business problems are related to the absence of integration between many disparate software systems and third-party platforms.In such circumstances, you lose the ball due to the absence of effective integration between different systems. The digital management platform can combine all the necessary functions and capabilities into a single customizable system which provides full integration.

    Digital Platform for Process Automation

    Another common problem is related to complex or inefficient processes that can be optimized and automated using state-of-the-art technology. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can even replace people in many cases, thus freeing up staff to perform more complex tasks. Custom software company EQUINOX can create a digital enterprise management platform that even "learns" and becomes "smarter" as time goes on and more data is collected.

    Creating analytical mechanisms for obtaining key business ideas

    Data management is also a common business problem, as many companies collect large amounts of data but cannot use that data in a way that will maximize the organization's benefits. For example, an e-commerce platform generates large amounts of data that can be analyzed to obtain key ideas, such as determining the best day and time to publish new products or determining the most effective marketing strategies.

    To make the most of your company data, we can create a customized analytics engine to process your data, which is then interpreted and communicated in ways that are relevant to your business.

    EQUINOX seeks to solve problems and increase return on investment through digital transformation. Most of our mobile software and software development work is connected with corporate customers, looking to expand, supplement or optimize their operations with specially designed technologies.

    Our innovation team integrates advanced solutions into virtually every development project, mobile application development, BMS platform, individual PM / CRM, FM / CMMS, Help Desk / Service Desk or IoT solution. We are ready to provide general multi-stage software development services to customers in all areas of business.


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    En remplissant le formulaire, vous faites le premier pas vers le projet fini...