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Advantages of developing an online store from EQUINOX:

We provide guarantees and documents

We rely on service and manufacturability

We guarantee security and confidentiality

Why would you order a website?

Internet resources have become an integral part of our lives, as well as the network itself. Beautiful sites with easy navigation and quality functionality are filled with interesting information for us, allow you to get answers to questions, buy goods or order services. The Internet is an endless stream of information, and everyone can find their place in it.

Internet resources are becoming more diverse every day. Every organization is in a hurry to order a website, because the Internet opens up great opportunities for everyone. We visit beautiful sites to buy goods, order a service, read the news or find out your horoscope. The list of sites is impressive in its diversity. It seems that you can find absolutely everything online! If you carefully consider all the projects, they can be divided into commercial and non-commercial.

Our top 5 benefits of ordering a website:

  • We can accept orders for site development throughout Ukraine, Turkey and any other country.
  • We will provide free consultations before and after the development of the site
  • The site will be better than the competition
  • We are recommended to get the desired result in the form of profit or traffic
  • We are always in touch, you can ask us questions in any time.


  • We analyze your competitors to create an online store as competitive as possible
  • We make individual designs based on your corporate style and products
  • Programming, layout, adaptation to all devices and module settings
  • To run the store, you need to check it as closely as possible for bugs and glitches
  • We achieve 100% working website before the project is completed

Development stages:

We analyze the market, get acquainted with your business. Our manager identifies the features and main "pains" of your industry to make a plan to create the most productive website.
Development of a technical task for creating an online store, thinking about the main functionality of the site and a description of all stages of work.
Creating an online store, developing a site layout, developing a site design based on the tasks. We will think of all the necessary features and "chips" for the future website.
After creating and filling the site with content, we transfer the site to the hosting and your domain. This is just the beginning, followed by the stages of advertising and website promotion.

Possible functionality of the website:

Order basket

Collection of all goods in one order. Usually used to order more than one product.

Multifunctional catalog

Output of goods in tabular form or in the form of a list with the ability to perform a number of specific functions in this catalog.

Visitor’s statistics

Connecting Google Analytic or Yandex Metrika to view complete information about store visits, conversion sources, etc.

Development of exclusive design

Designing the interface of the future and thinking about usability. A set of graphic elements, fonts, colors, individual thematic icons, implemented in the store.

Site Management System (CMS)

CMS - content management system in the online store, used for the independent process of creating, editing and managing content (photos, pages, products, categories, news, etc.).

Morphological search

Searching for any information, products and categories.

Video on any page

Add video information anywhere.


Connecting an interactive scalable Google or Yandex map to display travel.

News feed

The conclusion of the news feed in certain blocks.


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    En remplissant le formulaire, vous faites le premier pas vers le projet fini...