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The EQUINOX team offers….

Your site will

The site will be good-looking on widescreen screens, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

It will be convenient for users to find the information they need on the site, and it will be convenient for you to publish and update it

Website design is your business card in the web world, we will make it better

We check the created site on all modern web browsers

Our sites have good conversions, it saves advertising budget

We optimize sites well for download speeds with weak internet


The site is an effective tool for business development. No matter whether you provide - services or goods, the site will be useful in any field of activity. Your potential customers will be able to visit the site, which contributes to a significant increase in calls, applications, sales. We develop custom sites for all areas of activity, we will focus on the development of the site to achieve your goals, it will be convenient for both the administrator and visitors to the resource.


    After applying for a website, we agree with you:
  • functionality
  • design
  • structure
  • advertising
  • any other nuances

Our top 5 benefits of ordering a website:

  • We can accept orders for site development throughout Ukraine, Turkey and any other country.
  • We will provide free consultations before and after the development of the site
  • The site will be better than the competition
  • We are recommended to get the desired result in the form of profit or traffic
  • We are always in touch, you can ask us questions in any time.

Development stages:

We analyze the market, get acquainted with your business. Our manager identifies the features and main "pains" of your industry to make a plan to create the most productive website.
Development of the technical task for creation of the corporate site, thinking over of the basic functionality of a site and the description of all stages of works.
Landing page creation, site layout development, site design development taking into account the tasks. We will think of all the necessary features and "chips" for the future website.
After creating and filling the site with content, we transfer the site to the hosting and your domain. This is just the beginning, followed by the stages of advertising and website promotion.



Multilingual site, with different language versions of content

Ordering a call

Convenient feedback from a customer who has decided to leave a request for your services


Connecting online chat to communicate with the client, keeps traffic on the site

Filter publications

If you have a blog or news feed on the site, you can make a filter to better search for the publication of interest

Instructions for site administration

With ordering a site, you receive instructions for the manual in electronic form

Free training to work with the site

Ordering a site from us, you will receive free training and filling the site

SEO module settings

SEO site analytics modules analytics to understand the process of site growth in Google search

Creating a Sitemap

This is a map that increases the position of the site in search results due to the available analysis of the site by Google bots

Feedback form

Various forms of data collection to receive a request from a client and communicate with him

Search the site

Website content search module

Various sliders

An effective way to show key moments in a banner, slider pictures with text


Ability to route to you through the website using Google services

Visit statistics

Connect to Google Analytics and other traffic analytics systems hosted on your website

Site Management System (CMS)

There are different CMS systems, for different tasks you can choose the appropriate system, for many corporate sites enough WordPress CMS, for more complex projects, we write individual CMS content management.

Thoughtful UI / UX design

Development of the layout and design of the site, for ease of use, understandable presentation of information on the website to achieve good conversion

Blog, news, articles

A good way to attract visitors to the site, raise its position on the CEO through thematic articles, blogs.


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    En remplissant le formulaire, vous faites le premier pas vers le projet fini...