Logo and corporate identity design

Do you want to become a prominent figure in the market? Do you want your company to be known everywhere? Then you can not do without a clear, distinct concept that will be implemented through corporate identity. This is exactly what will set your company apart from hundreds of competitors.

Logo design

A logo is a minimal unit of style, which creates a visual image of a company. It’s like a kind of "business card" by which the brand will be recognized by the consumer, because the logo will be present on all branded media: from business cards to billboards. A quality logo not only creates the "face" of the company, it forms a positive attitude towards it and sets the tone of communication with the client.

People usually remember the image behind the careful elaboration of the concept and image of the brand, the character of the company and its unique features - that's what we provide customers with a logo. Logo is a business tool which you need to use wisely to get the most out of it.

The development of corporate identity

    The name of company is well. Professionally designed logo is great. But if you really want your company to make a name for itself, you need to create a full-fledged corporate identity - a set of visual media, which will ensure your company or product is recognizable and remembered. Different businesses need different corporate identity carriers. Below, there is a list of different style carriers. Choose the style you need exactly for your business.

    The list of all corporate identity visual media:

  • Logo. Usage and placement options, logo block, different logo block compositions, background placements, descriptor and slogan placement
  • Color, background, brand element. Logo options, corporate colors and combinations, corporate background, graphic elements
  • Fonts and typography. Recommended font and typography. Font blocks
  • Corporate documentation. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folder, diary, notebook. Branded package. Product package, box of goods, label, sticker
  • Photo style, icons and illustrations. Creation rules, image selection rules, branding icons
  • Digital media. Banner, website (desktop and mobile version), presentation templates, style implementation in SMM communication
  • Advertising communications and printing. Key-visuals, POS, ad units, advertising printing, outdoor advertising
  • Souvenir products and promotional media. Pens, pencils, bags, flags, wall clocks, mugs. Use the style in clothes (scarf, tie, badge, clothes of technical staff). Use the style for transport (car, gazelle, truck). For example, saving cards (loyalty cards).
  • Introducing style in environment. Exterior (sign, showcase, entrance group, flags, signs, plates, navigation system). Interior (reception, signs, indexes, navigation system). Elements of interior design. Example of an exhibition stand.

Contact us for any service or business task and you will receive:

  • Individual approach to creating brands and memorable style
  • A professional logo that will "live" on a variety of visual media;
  • A corporate identity that will work for your business;
  • Focusing not on good drawings, but on a useful tool for your business;
  • Expanding the boundaries of your business;
  • Increasing of sales and customers.
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