Packaging design development

Let’s develop a packaging design – your formidable weapon in the competition for the consumer.

Why do you need to develop a packaging design?

Product packaging is the basis of consumer brand communication. The quality of packaging design directly effects on the sale of goods.

In just 5 seconds, the consumer evaluates the performance of the product, determines the degree of confidence in it and makes a purchase decision. In a situation of intense competitive environment, the ability of a product to be noticeable is crucial.

What should be the quality of packaging design?
  • to broadcast product properties and values;
  • to reflect price positioning;
  • to emphasize quality;
  • to contain consumer insight;
  • to create an emotional connection;
  • to stimulate the desire to buy.

The stages of product packaging design development:

Research and Strategy

At this stage, we conduct a set of research and analytical work aimed at strategy formation: market research, competitive environment, audience and trends. For products with fixed positioning, we refine and refine metaphors, find relevant insights. For new products we develop a full-fledged brand platform within the service - product branding. The purpose of the stage is to create a semantic basis for the development of packaging design. Strategic expertise reduces risks, defines precise design criteria and offers the most commercially successful solution.

Packaging Design Development

In the process of packaging design development, we transfer the verbal characteristics of the brand visual environment through metaphor. We create packaging concepts based on a strong idea that can solve the problem of translating the character, the main values of the product and rebuilding from competitors. Our product packaging design evokes a desire to buy, conveys the energy of the brand, reflects a non-trivial approach and high aesthetics. When we design packaging, we do not limit ourselves with tools: we take photos for food zones, make illustrations, implement storytelling and use all possible technologies to make the product as attractive as possible.

Line Development

We know how to work with wide heterogeneous product lines and in the framework of creating stylistic trends we already put a logical system of differentiation in the packaging design. After choosing a concept, we develop visual language to other sku, preserving the idea, continuity and recognizability.


In case of doubt in choosing a concept or communication message, we conduct online testing. We use a unique test method for the Russian market, which allows us to obtain statistically valid data on differences in the perception of packaging. This method allows you to test both product concepts and obtain product data compared to competitors. The method is valuable because it allows you to study the direct experience of a potential audience encounter with the product, to measure a number of parameters.


We are prepare final layouts for production based on material, printing technology and print effects.


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