SEO site optimization

By using search engine optimization, you are investing in the future of your business

SEO-site promotion

We analyze all the sources of traffic that target customers: search, social networks, and conversions from advertising and links to other resources, direct actions to the site. We will help to understand which ones are most effective, which ones to work with, and which ones to avoid.

You will know everything about the process of promoting your site - the project manager will answer questions, send detailed reports. This way you will follow the work of our specialists, know about the terms and means of achieving the result.

We will help to consolidate your site in the top search engines, get targeted conversion traffic from various sources. The site will effectively supply loyal customers and become one of the main tools for profit .

What are the benefits of searching engine optimization (SEO)?

Searching engine optimization is the improvement of a site as recommended by search engines. Optimized sites are at the top of search engine rankings. There they are found by customers when looking for the right product.

We will put your site in the top 10 search engines and set up a dense flow of customers. The cost of going to the site will decrease every month. It means that the cost of the application will decrease and the net profit per order will increase.

Stages of successful SEO:

    It should be noted that the search engine promotion of any site consists of several stages. Each of them is necessary and justified to achieve a successful result.

    And although, in each case, only a SEO-specialist is able to determine the need for certain measures to search for your site. But, in general, we would like to highlight 3 main stages:

    Step 1. SEO-optimization of the site

    Site optimization (seo optimization) is a preparatory stage where a complex audit of the site is carried out, during which problems are found in terms of search engines.

    At this stage, among other things, recommendations are made:

  • to correct the most critical errors on the site and its technical optimization - taking into account the current requirements of search engines;
  • to improve usability (user-friendliness of the site);
  • o make changes on the site, which help to improve commercial ranking factors, etc.

  • Searching engine optimization is a "fundamental" basis for promotion and implies more effective use of other promotion tools.

    Step 2. Searching engine promotion

    Searching engine optimization and external optimization In the second stage - after at least a minimum of basic work on internal site optimization - SEO-specialists develop a strategy and tactics for more in-depth and effective search engine promotion.

    Including work on the so-called external optimization:

  • information about the company and its website is posted on specialized reference resources and cartographic services;
  • texts (anchors) of links are developed, which are placed on specially selected Internet resources,
  • Articles and links are posted on thematic sites,
  • If it needs - are conducted basic SMM works and etc.

  • As a result of the work performed, the site achieves the desired positions in search engine rankings, thus ensuring an increase in inbound targeted traffic.

    Step 3. Site Support

    The third stage of truly effective promotion of any site is to support the achieved results. The won positions should be retained, because competitors do not sleep.

  • Adjusts the key queries, links, page texts (seo copywriting), etc.
  • If it is necessary, the semantic core (list of search queries used by the site) is updated.
  • Current search results, competing sites, and changes in search engine algorithms are analyzed to make timely changes to each site's strategy and tactics.
  • Recommendations are being made for further improvement of the promoted Internet resource.


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