Technical design

– is the bringing the original image into an eye-pleasing illustration. This is an opportunity to create a colorful image for products or web pages. With its help the image is retouched to eliminate shortcomings, it acquires functional and aesthetic characteristics, which are necessary for the image of the image.

Stages of technical design development:

  • Development of the design project. At the initial stage, the customer meets with the head of the technical design project to agree on all requirements.
  • Development of a technical task for the designer, which details all the requirements and wishes of the customer.
  • Selection of references - additional illustrations for more detailed and correct project development.
  • Creating Multiple Concepts or Multiple Illustrations.
  • Making adjustments to the selected option.
  • Technical design project: working on improvement

      An image designed with the help of technical design techniques, impresses the consumer's imagination and looks brilliant. And it does not matter what is depicted - a person or object, the image will look completely and organically and will be remembered by unusual details.

      The main task of technical design is to maximize the aesthetics of the image. Creating a visual design is the primary task of technical design of the site.

      Technical design is one of the most complex types of design. But with its help you can use it to create a graphic miracle, which can catch your eye and make you look at an entire brochure or web page.

      The endless possibilities of technical design allow you to enliven the picture and make it bright, regardless of what is depicted there. Technical design is a synergy of three components:

    • art;
    • marketing goals;
    • modern technological solutions.

    • In the process of developing the technical task and further work, it is necessary to preserve the characteristics of the object, improving its visual perception.

      In the process of image processing, the technical designer uses illustrations or photographs, which he processes in different ways:

    • color correction;
    • structuring;
    • vector graphics;
    • retouch;
    • visual effects;
    • photos;
    • 3D modeling;
    • work with fonts;
    • draw an object.

    Why the best technical design is from EQUINOX

  • We have been working in the advertising market for 5 years.
  • Thanks to the analysis, we know which illustrations are liked by consumers.
  • We have the best technical designers, who will create images of any complexity in a short time.
  • We are always ready to listen to all the wishes of the customer. If you have any comments, we are always open for dialogue and ready to listen to you.

  • The component of success advertising is quality design. To get a quality advertising image you need to have a good taste and know special techniques. Which? Call us and we'll talk about them.


    En remplissant le formulaire, vous faites le premier pas vers le projet fini...

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      En remplissant le formulaire, vous faites le premier pas vers le projet fini...